Christian's Handbook 2

Handbook 2 is about God's original plan and what He is doing now, including His Spirit's departure from the "organized visible church."

The March Goes On

Handbook 2: Article 1 - Introduction

We walk each day amidst the maze,
The sun is darkened by the haze
That clouds our minds, our soul's own shroud;
The march goes on; man's heart is proud.

For who is man that he should build
Tall towers though his hands are skilled;
For neither hands nor towers stay,
They pass from here, in dust decay.

We seldom stop to think about
The life within, our life without,
And what the goal in life should be;
Be still and listen now to me.

Our lives are spent in idle haste,
We rush about, our fiber waste
On things that matter but today;
Such trifles wear our lives away.

Seek first those things you value most,
And when they're gone, then count them lost.
Search and find and seek once more
Until you find that hidden door;

And if you dare, look through the hole
Where lies the key that locks your soul;
With courage face the trials and pains,
And seek the place where silence reigns.

And when you've learned what you're about,
Then comes the time to look without,
And reach for life and set your course,
For now you have a constant source

Where you can hide when towers fall,
And strong hands fail to hold the wall;
For you will know from whence you came;
That He is God; Life will remain.

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  1. The March Goes On
  2. Consider Jesus
  3. Who He Is
  4. A Personal Encounter
  5. Jesus As King
  6. Leap To Believe
  7. The Voice of God's Word
  8. A Listening Attitude
  9. Why He Came

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